Our CCW Fall Online event will focus on better connecting with customers. There will be an emphasis on topics like analytics (understanding customers, understanding how agents are delivering for those customers), engagement (including trends like personalization and effortless) and omnichannel interactions (including making the experience more seamless and “human” across the different channels). “Intelligence” and “connection” are key themes of the in-person CCW event, so they will naturally fuel a lot of the content for the CCW Fall online offering.

This complimentary virtual event will help your business get ahead of the next generation of customer experience.

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Brendan Dykes

Bryant Kaminaga

David Baker

Greg Lindsley

Hui Wu Curtis

Ian Golding

Jim White

Gillian Heltai

Meagan McKinnon

Nitin Badjatia

Aviad Abiri

Brad Snedeker


Day 1: September 26, 2017

12:00 PM

Next-Generation Engagement: Cater to the Customer, Empower The Business

Hui Wu-Curtis Choice Hotels & 2017 CCW CX Leader of the Year

You care about customer centricity. But is your operation designed to actually deliver a customer-centric experience?

This session will help you answer that question. Choice Hotels executive Hui Wu-Curtis, who won CCW’s 2017 CX Leader of the Year Award, will reveal how her team adopted a customer-oriented approach to quality management. Instead of focusing merely on procedure, Choice gauges success based on whether they truly performed for the customer.

She’ll also share strategies for leveraging customer insights to improve the overall business. You’ll understand real pain points – and real opportunities – en route to creating a legitimately customer-centric business.

1:00 PM

Introducing the Intelligent Contact Center [Executive Roundtable]

Aviad Abiri Vice President, Portfolio Marketing & Enablement, NICE
Brad Snedeker Director of Innovation, Calabrio

If your contact center operation is slow, inefficient and disintegrated on the backend, you have no prayer of delivering a fast, consistent, connected, effortless experience on the frontend.

This session will help you right the ship. It will reveal how to gift your brand with an “intelligent” contact center.

Data will flow freely from system to system, touch point to touch point, and agent to agent. Training, workflow management, post-call work and other “non-conversational” tasks will be streamlined so that agents can focus on high-value interactions.

The contact center, quite simply, will leverage technology for the purpose of customer centricity – not gimmick.

2:00 PM

AI & Predictive Analytics – Good For The Operation, Great For Customer Engagement

David Baker CenterPoint Energy

AI and analytics-driven solutions are generating ample hype – with good reason. They can markedly improve the efficiency of your contact center operation.

More importantly in today’s age of customer centricity, they can significantly elevate the customer experience. When sourced and implemented correctly, they can deliver the frictionless, personalized, resolute experiences that create loyal customers.

In this session, David Baker of CenterPoint Energy will share guidance for using AI and omnichannel analytics to understand customer intent and predict future needs and behaviors. This elevated next-best-action capability will allow your business to deliver more valuable, higher-conversion engagement.

2:30 PM

5 Crazy Ideas for Transforming Your Contact Center

Gillian Heltai Talkdesk
Meagan McKinnon ParkWhiz

Creating an intelligent contact center doesn’t have to be something you put off for the future. You can rapidly transform your contact center, step by step, starting today. Gillian Heltai, VP of Client Services at Talkdesk, will reveal five ideas you can embrace now to ensure your agents are staying ahead of your customer needs and leveraging smart contact center technology to deliver positive customer experiences. You’ll also hear from ParkWhiz about how they use Talkdesk to have more meaningful and successful conversations with their customers.

3:00 PM

CX Technology: It’s About Use, Not Platform

Bryant Kaminaga Visa

It’s not about what you have – it’s about what you do with it. Exciting new CX technology seemingly emerges every month, but there is no value in marveling at the theoretical wonder of the platforms. The focus should instead be on how to use the technology to empower agents and better engage customers.

Day 2: September 27, 2017

12:00 PM

Know Your Customers – Wherever They Engage

Greg Lindsley JPMorgan Chase

Today’s customers are not simply expecting great experiences across channels; they’re expecting personalized engagement throughout the journey.

Given the difficulty of identifying customers in digital channels, this demand can admittedly seem quite intimidating.

By sharing best practices for cross-channel profiling, this session will help you overcome those reservations and concerns. You’ll have a clear, 360-degree understanding of who your customers are and what your customers want, which will in turn let you provide the seamless, tailored experience your customers deserve.

12:30 PM

Inspiring Employees to Wow Customers

Jim White Symphony Post Acute

The specifics of the customer contact operation differ from organization to organization. One thing, however, remains constant: culture is the foundation of a great experience.

What does it take to truly foster that culture? This session will explore the answers. It will look at the factors that motivate employees to perform. It will consider the necessary steps in getting the entire organization united around a vision of customer centricity.

You’ll walk away ready to not only manage customer experience employees but inspire them to connect with customers in a manner unrivaled by the competition.

1:00 PM

Omnichannel: Customer vs. Business

Brendan Dykes Genesys

As we look beyond the buzzword and focus on the reality, we see the potential for misalignment between how customers and businesses approach omnichannel.

This session will focus on reconciling those perspectives. What are customers truly demanding when it comes to omnichannel? And how can businesses deliver those demands – while also leveraging new channels to improve operational efficiency?

2:00 PM

6 Signs of a Customer-Centric Leader

Ian Golding CCW Digital Influencer

It may be happy agents who create happy customers, but it is great leaders who put those agents in position to succeed. It is great leaders who devise great strategies, establish the right processes, foster the best culture and drive excellent performance. This session will reveal what it takes to be a leader capable of empowering agents to wow customers.

2:30 PM

Two Mega-Trends Transforming The Customer Experience

Nitin Badjatia ServiceNow

Join this session to hear about the two mega-trends that are forcing companies to rethink how customer service impacts their customers’ journeys and to learn ways to act today in addressing these changes. First, companies will have insight into when, where, and how their products and services are used as everything will be connected, providing the ability to become active participants in the value-delivery chain of products, not simply responsible for providing support. Second, almost every industry is looking for a model to drive recurring revenue. In this subscription economy, customer service organizations will need to shift from reactive support models to proactive success models, where customer success is directly associated with usage and renewal. These two trends will redefine service excellence, how it is delivered, and how it is measured.


You will attend the sessions, meet our partners and gain access to valuable resources in our online conference center.
NO. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the Internet.
Yes. the sessions will be recorded and available for free for a limited time.